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Knitting projects

My designs

A visual list of my designs.

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Other knitting projects

Knitting projects (mostly) from before I started designing myself.

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Counted cross-stitch projects

Counted cross-stitch

I haven't picked up a needle since June 2007. It's sad. I miss the beauty of the tiny gem-like stitches. Perhaps one day I'll have time to get back to this.

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Going places

SS Matsonia, April 2007

Our friend, Captain Steve, treated us to a grand tour of the SS Matsonia.

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Montana, Thanksgiving 2007

We drove up to Montana to share Thanksgiving with friends. Fabulous! There are more photos. Lots more photos. I'll add them eventually.

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Las Vegas, November 2008

We spent November 16 through 21, 2008 at our timeshare in Las Vegas. The photos are pretty boring, as we didn't exactly have our favorite view, and we never left our suite.

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San Jose del Cabo 2009

Dave and Steve turned 50, and we had to celebrate. Did it in style. It was fabulous!

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TNNA San Diego 2009

Photographs aren't allowed on the market floor, mostly, so there isn't much here. It was a great show, though.

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Dye party March 2009

The Monday Knit Knight group was dying to get together. Hm.

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Alhambra Creek, May 2009

Alhambra Creek in Martinez, California, is home to a family of beavers. I didn't see any the day I was there with Mom, but we did see their dam, a river otter, and other wildlife.

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Yarn tasting May 2009

Our Knit Knight group got to be one of the first to sample ArtFibers' new yarn tasting. OMG. It was so fun. I definitely recommend it to any and all who get the opportunity to go to one. What a hoot.

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Golden Gate Park October 2009

Dave and I spent two wonderful days in Golden Gate Park, October 28 and 29, 2009. The first was at the new California Academy of Sciences, and the second was at the de Young, mainly to see the King Tut exhibit, but we spent some time wandering around, too.

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Oregon's South Coast November 2009

I may live in southern California, but my heart belongs in the northern coastal areas.

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Aquarium of the Pacific March 2010

Dave and I spent the day at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. It's been open more than ten years, and this was our first visit. Shameful. Loved it.

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The Wharf February 2010

I know it's touristy, and a bit of a trap, but if you ignore that part, the wharf in San Francisco is a delightful place to hang out. It was lovely on this blustery day in early March.

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Home to Columbus to Portland to home June 2010

From our home in southern California, we drove to Portland, Oregon by way of the June TNNA convention in Columbus, Ohio. These are photos taken mostly by Dave. In normal circumstances he shoots more photos than I do. When you add into that the fact that while we're on the road I'm the one behind the wheel, and he's free to snap away while we're moving, we end up with a whole lot more of his photos than mine.

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UCI arboretum

Dave and I spent the morning at UCI's arboretum, taking pictures of their South African bulb garden, and other lovely floral delights.

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Staying home

At home, Thanksgiving 2008

It was just the two of us at home this year, well five of us if you count the cat and the "kids."

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Little bird

This little bird, a Western Tanager, came visiting one morning. He flew onto the deck between the bottom of the railing and the top of the glass, and couldn't figure out how to get away. We helped out.

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Mom's Trees and Yard

I grew up in the midst of countless trees that soared overhead, providing shade in summer, leaves in fall, and stately splendor year in and year out.

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Brew day May 2009

We talk about Dave being a homebrewer, but now there's photographic evidence of it. This was his first batch in seven years—seven years to the very day. Unfortunately, I didn't get photos of the whole event.

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We had a vulture visit the other day. He saw that a rabbit had recently died on our hill, and thought to make a meal of it. Nope. The vulture didn't kill the bunny. Vultures only eat carrion. Updated to add some of the photos that Dave took the same day. His camera zooms in better, and so he got better close-ups. He even got a great one of the vulture looking right at him.

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Brew day August 2010

It's been another year and more since Dave brewed. This time he took his own pictures of the event.

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Kitchen tile job

I can't begin to tell you how many years we've wanted to get rid of the ugly and non-functional intercom in the kitchen. What stopped us? The hole that would need to be tiled over, and the fact that one of the very few things Dave doesn't know how to do around the house is tile work. It took us a while, but we finally had a brainstorm: have Mikki do it! Dave removed the intercom (the thing was so ugly that the empty hole was an improvement!), cleaned up the hole a bit, then Mikki came over last week to do the tile work. It looks awesome. Don't know why we didn't do this years ago.

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Peach tree 2011

Some years our volunteer peach will only give us one or two blossoms. This year we got a bunch of them.

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I only have two rose bushes, and only one of them blooms much at all. The one that does, puts on quite a show.

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The bed

The old water bed finally died. On the one hand, timing could have been better. On the other hand, timing was perfect: Mom wanted to get rid of her king, and get a more manageable queen, so offered her California king to us. All we had to do was make a 800 mile round trip to get it. Easy as pie.

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House prep

We're getting the house ready to put it on the market, so we can move. Here are a few photos.

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